Roofing Solution

The roof on your property is one of the biggest investments you have. If your roof is getting older, you may wonder how soon it will be necessary to replace it. In particular, if you are thinking of selling your property, this may be a serious concern.


Northwest Roof Tech  is  the kind of roofer residents have come to trust at times like these. We offer a free roof inspection that will help you know exactly what kind of condition your roof is in. If we feel it is in need of repair or replacement, we will provide you with a free estimate of what it will cost.

When looking for the kind of roofer residents prefer, you want a company that will do a thorough and honest inspection. You don’t want a company that tells you the roof must be replaced when it still has several good years left in it. Northwest Roof Tech is the kind of company that clients appreciate. We do a full inspection of the rain gutters and downspouts in addition to the flashing and shingles and tell it like it is. We also understand the importance of cleaning up after ourselves and work hard to leave job sites totally cleaned up. Our professional roofing specialists are trained and certified and will do the job right when you need it done.